MEALS & Healthy snacks at all times in your business

Buddha-Frigo technology is:

  • NO subscription fees
  • NO employee payment management

What is the best option for your BUSINESS?


Employees open the fridge, choose a meal, pay for it on the app and eat it!


Everyone selects and pays for their favorite meals on Thursday, and everything is delivered identified at the beginning of the week.


Both options together!

Measure the return on investment

Nombre d’employés dans votre entreprise

Salaire annuel moyen des employés

Pourcentage des employés qui sortent sur l"heure du lunch

Magasinent un repas en ligne dernière minute

Chaque semaine vous désirez offrir:

Nombre de Buddha-Repas / employé

% des repas offerts

Perte de productivité par année

Investissement annuel en avantage-repas 100% déductible

Why offer part of the Buddha-Meals?

An efficient and measurable Employee Benefit.

According to HR Magazine, 36% of workers are considering leaving their jobs because of poor benefits.

Buddha limits its ecological footprint by taking back from
our Buddha-Fridges’ partners and reusing:

  • Meal containers
  • Shipping boxes
  • Ice-packs

Your team will be happy to have meals at all times at work?

A 15 minute call at a time of your choosing is much better than a long email! Schedule an appointment!

They have adopted Buddha-Station: