MEALS & Healthy snacks in all
time in your business

What is the best option
for you?


What : ready-to-eat in INVENTORY in the fridge your company

How :
choose a meal in inventory,
scan the QR code and pay with your phone!


What : 2 possibilities :
pre-order your favorite meals or
last minute troubleshooting in the Buddha-Frigo inventory.

Comment : scan the Qr code,
choose pre-order
or payment for a meal in inventory.


What : a personalized order link allowing everyone to select their favorite meals for the coming week.

How : meals are identified to each and placed in the Buddha-Frigo every week.

Would your team be happy to have meals all the time at work? Discuss it for 15 minutes with our happiness regulator at the time of your choice.

How can we limit our footprint together?

Our reheat meals can freeze if the minimum of 6 is too much for you!

Re-usable meal containers

We collect cardboard boxes, ice packs and containers from our VIP members

Supplying our VIP members every week allows us to maximize transport thanks to well-established logistics.

An effective and measurable employee benefit.

According to HR Magazine, 36% of workers are considering quitting their jobs because of low benefits.

Why offer part of the Buddha-Meals?

Build better collaboration. Increase productivity.

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