Ebook Leadership: Avez-vous de l’influence?

For example with your friends, children or work colleagues. If you want to influence effectively, this E-Book will convince you to become a Rebel Leader.

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12 Leadership Rounds to Knock Out the Boss in You.

You may be wondering how after soaking in sex, drugs & street gangs, did I develop the concept of Rebel Leadership? Initially, my atypical ADHD journey led me to make bad choices, develop an adrenaline addiction and come close to death. Boxing has been like redemption for me. It brought me focus, humility, sharing; in addition to having completely upset my values. Through 12 sounding rounds, I tell you with modesty, humor and vulnerability, what Rebel Leadership means to me: real golden gloves to create change.

I am Christian Genest, Father of a young adult, Grand ninja of Buddha-Station, Teacher at the Beauce School of Entrepreneurship,

Lecturer at the Institute in Management Leadership, Financial Angel of the Center de Boxe Empire (NPO), Instigator of the “boxing project” at PIPQ, Founder of the Sushi taxi group (sold in 2016).

Do you have a loving heart? Want to take care of the people around you? And above all, the desire to make a difference on a daily basis?

This is my mission : to make a difference!

It’s up to you to do the same. Because everyone has the ability to get up in the morning and start taking care of those around them, building a bond of trust with these people and inspiring them, simply by practicing my easy, rebellious and emotional techniques.

“We are NOT emotionally sensitive thinking machines. ? We are emotional machines that think. There is no doubt that you will be struck by my stories. By investing my time and passion, and putting my guts on the table each week in an intimate way, I hope to infect as many people as possible with my Rebel Leadership. Because the more leaders we have around us, the better our planet and our human connections will be.

Let’s get ready to rumble ? Découvrez aussi le podcast du Leadership Rebelle


Real leadership, creates the conditions and coalitions for others to step up as well.

Barack Obama