Culture d’entreprise et télétravail

Dear leaders,

It would be crazy to bring your employees back to the office and have them perform their tasks the same way they have been operating for over a year.

The world of work has changed drastically in recent months. Your plan to get back to the office must have a HUGE impact!

To inspire you, I have humbly written a notebook filled with concrete tips surrounding back-to-office planning.

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The office is not dead, we are convinced, but the return to this place will not happen without changing its role.

Some employees like telecommuting, others less, but one thing is unanimous: companies must now think about their future operation to reinvent this new hybrid space. Let’s be clear, the challenge is not about calculating capacity, cleaning and masks, let alone rules and policies. Your employees made a 180-degree turn in the spring of 2020, what if you, as a leader, made one on PLEASURE AT WORK?

We hear you from a distance: It’s TRUE that we can’t have fun all the time at work and that this is not a summer camp! But office fun is MISSION POSSIBLE! This feeling is materialized by leveraging powerful intentional concepts such as:

  • Confiance
  • Inspiration
  • Collaboration
  • Contribution
  • Celebration.

Do you subscribe to these intentions? As a leader, it is your responsibility to make a GIANT inspirational impact.
Where do we start? By practicing !!!

Relationships are formed in person, when you are in the office together, when you lunch with colleagues. Collaboration works much better in the office.

Mark Golan, V.P. Google