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The way employees eat at work is broken!
Let’s fix it!

The coolest offices have a Buddha-FRIDGE, filled every week with healthy meals for under $12.
No freezing, GMOs, hormones or long-term contracts.
Don’t make your employees wait in line at the restaurant around the corner or resort to McDonald’s.

In early 2017, Christian Genest, with his self-diagnosed ADHD and boxing obsession, always wondered what to eat after his daily workouts. After selling the Sushi Taxi group and studying at MIT, he understood that healthy food should be super tasty and affordable so more can have access to it.
This drove him to create Buddha-Station, and its mission: make meals healthy, accessible and exciting.

Buddha-Station revolves around a well-defined company culture: daily rituals and solid values of its “bowlers.”
Exciting: should be work, but also our marketing, food, and interactions with customers, suppliers, etc.
Rebellious: because we’re different and we own it. Do more with less. Achieve the impossible.
Elite: Everyone should be a world champion in their job, keep up to date, innovate. And fight to stay on top.
GYSD (Get your shit done): everyone needs to be on top of their responsibilities at all times.

Vision Reaching the bellies of 250,000 people/month between now and 2024