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Healthy meals steps from your desk

Buddha-Frigoready to eat
Everywhere In Quebec Province

Delivery for meeting


Tired of lunch prep?

Suppose you can

Choose a healthy lunch in your company’s fridge

Pay through an APP


What’s on the menu?

NO antibiotics
NO Preserving agents

Re-Usable Packaging
Bio / Eco protein
100% Taste

Smart people choose BS because it’s a tasty way to eat Healthy & Save time

no contract, no managing time, no meal loss


get delivered each week


Each staff pays directly

We need a Buddha-FRIDGE
bol slider WHAT THEY’RE SAYING “ The Buddha-FRIDGE lets me replace
the lunch search with a YOGA session. ”
-BCF Avocats
bol slider WHAT THEY’RE SAYING “ Every time, I feel good about taking care of my body & my spirit. ”
-Ernst & Young
bol slider WHAT THEY’RE SAYING “ At this price,
I’ve finally said “goodbye” to dinner leftovers. ”
bol slider WHAT THEY’RE SAYING “ At the beginning of every month, the team is excited to find out what the new flavours are – comfort at the office. ”