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When eating feels good without compromises

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Delivery for groups Take-Out at our counter


Frozen food is a no. Buddha-2-GO is our healthy and accessible alternative solution.

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3-click ordering with
the possibility to personalize
each individual order. Use our
web concierge for support.


Free on-time delivery.
If we’re not on time
we’re buying you lunch.


Products and recipes
which are updated monthly.
Fresh not frozen. No GMO’s.

bol slider WHAT THEY’RE SAYING “ You amazed all our guests. ”
-BCF Avocats
bol slider WHAT THEY’RE SAYING “ I understood the meaning of the term simplify
the lunches, thank you thank you. ”
-Ernst & Young
bol slider WHAT THEY’RE SAYING “ What a difference compared
to boring sandwich boxes! ”
bol slider WHAT THEY’RE SAYING “ I recognize the professionalism of your company. ”